Contemplative Learning & Living Community  is a  community of ordinary faith seekers and pilgrims who are attracted to – or want to explore – the Contemplative Life. These may include students, professionals, laborers, parents, singles, retirees, clergy, ministerial or lay persons who desire to know more about contemplative living through learning about contemplative practices, literature, and Divine Presence. CLLC invites anyone seeking a more contemplative way of life to gather with other kindred spirits and share hopes, desires, challenges and joys of living as contemplatives in the world.



Specifically the Contemplative Learning & Living Community is:

  • Facilitated by volunteers who have had training and experience (teaching, learning/training, and life experience) in the Contemplative Arts

  • Offers encouragement and support to the wider Lehigh Valley community to learn and integrate contemplative traditions as well as discover the contemporary contemplative pioneers of our time

  • Provides resources such as opportunities for contemplative practice, faith sharing, holy gatherings, reading lists and other resources

  • Conducts a short, structured monthly teaching of core contemplative teachings, authors, and/or practices that facilitate the individual’s growth, specifically as it relates to the individual’s relationship with the Holy and their personal transformation

  • Creates regular ongoing connection for Lehigh Valley residents who are both in the beginning, early, and seasoned stages of contemplative living

  • Provides an inexpensive alternative for those who desire contemplative learning and gathering, but whose time and resources for participating in such learning and fellowship may be limited