Our health, wellness, and spirituality retreats are designed for individuals who want to initiate constructive change in their lives. Scheduled workshops, films and discussions will examine the inter-relationship of spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical wellness.  Participants will be assisted  in identifying resources to support  long-term transformation and growth.


Emphasis will be placed on strategies for achieving gradual and sustained transition as opposed to quick fixes and on establishing practical routines supportive of each participant’s life goals. Coaches will be available to assist each participant develop a personalized “Wellness Transition Plan” as a guide for continued development.


The program’s spirituality workshops will provide insightful instruction on incorporating prayer and meditation in daily life and on recognizing and using your unique spiritual gifts to help others.


Classes in natural cooking, holistic approaches to weight loss and restorative exercise are included to assist participants seeking to improve their physical health and achieve their ideal body weight.


This program is sponsored by SDGLV and coordinated by Bob Drake. In his role as program coordintator Bob is responsible for co-designing and developing on-going workshops that promote and support healthy lifestyle transition and spiritual development. He teaches similar classes in a church-based “Health Path” program.


In addition to his role as program coordinator, Bob serves as Project Manager of the Saint Francis Monocacy Farm Project. In keeping with the Franciscan tradition, the farm project utilizes 10-acres of Monocacy Manor to model stewardship and care of the earth, foster community involvement, provide educational opportunities in the areas of organic gardening and sustainability, and serve the needs of the poor. Bob holds B.A. and M.S degrees, and received training in organic and natural agriculture at the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA. His prior work experience included teaching, student development, higher education administration, urban community development, and international development projects in Africa.

health, wellness, and spirituality retreats