Greetings, Friends! 


Our July  InSpiral group was captivated by Adyashanti...what a powerful presence he is in such a quiet way!  Love oozes from him., as he shares his deep insights into the Jesus Story.  We all voiced being touched by his story.


Those participating are really enjoying and growing from (stretching ourselves as one person said) through listening to the “Return to the Heart” cache of recordings.  Some of us have been so caught up in this energy we have been meeting in-between our regularly scheduled InSpiral gatherings to soak up as much as we can.  Let me summarize what we’ve been gleaning.


Our August 3td gathering, focussed on the Enneagram teacher,  Helen Palmer,  an internationally recognized teacher of intuition, and the best-selling author of five works in the human consciousness sector. She is the co-founder of Enneagram Worldwide and the Enneagram Professional Training Program offered by Enneagram Worldwide.


Because of Labor Day, our next InSpiral gathering will be Monday, September 14th, 6 to 8 pm at the St. Francis Center for Renewal.  We finished up our group-listen to the Christ Consciousness tapes with Helen Palmer.  What an enjoyable and inspiring way to learn and grow together.  The Group consensus is to continue with Pat’s copies of THE ENNEAGRAM SUMMIT.  Most of us were at the workshop on Enneagram at Moravian a few weeks ago and very impressed with this tool for discovery.  Seems like a good intro to listening to at least some of the tapes that might be of interest.  I’ve attached a list of the titles and presenters for your info.  As you can see, these 25 tapes cover a multitude of topics.  I recommend especially the one on Love by Robert Holden and the one on Core Qualities by Mario Sikora.


These tapes each run from 45 to 55 minutes, so are very doable and allow for discussion afterward.  Please let Pat know if you have a preference as to what you would like to hear.  If we choose ahead, I can send the tape for each of you to listen to  prior to our meeting


So far we have heard the Western Tradition as presented by Paul Smith;  the Jewish Tradition and Kabbala by Joan Borysenko; the Celtic Tradition by Trish Connor; Ken Wilbur and the “Growing Up/Waking Up” psychology/philosophy, Adyashanti and the Eastern Tradition…and we are still going back for more!  The theme of the conference is focusing on the Jesus Story and Christ Consciousness and how that is reflected in each of the major faith traditions.  No wonder we are being stretched!


To add to our interest, Pat has purchased all of the offerings from the Shift Network’s recent Global Enneagram Summit and is willing to share these as well with anyone who is interested in the enneagram.   


The excitement we are experiencing at journeying and growing together, and sharing our insights is challenging to communicate.   It’s one of those “ You need to be there” experiences. Needless to say we are  broadening our scope and keeping abreast of the state of the art of our spiritual direction discipline, as well as forming bonds of love, respect and community which serve to strengthen SDGLV.  Each presentation stands alone so you are welcome to join us even if you have missed the others.  We alternate between viewing the videos and open discussion. A fruitful mix!


Also, thanks to member Barb Martell, we now have a Facebook Page and a Website in progress.


We are a work in progress! 

Much Love,

Pat Herbst




"Driven by the forces of love the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come to being."          

                                                                                           - Teilhard de Chardin