Our InSpiral group is committed to exploring, sharing and understanding the discoveries of science, especially evolution, and its impact on spirituality and spiritual growth. We explore such spiritual leaders as:


      Teilhard de Chardin                 Barbara Marx Hubbard (BIRTH2012)


               Michael Dowd (Thank God for Evolution)                 Ken Wilbur (Integral Spirituality).



Evolutionary Spirituality celebrates the evolution of knowledge revealing the connection between science and spirituality and between creation and spirituality. By coming together in creative ways we can consciously participate in future possibilities for good for our families, communities and our planet.


We began our study with Teilhard de Chardin's writings, continued with Barbara Marx Hubbard and her Wheel of Co-Creation, and then Judy Cannatos Field of Compassion. Presently we are viewing the conference videos sponsored by Integral Spirituality:                                     of Christ Consciousness 


What do we hope to achieve? We want to partner with interested and committed individuals from various sectors of our community: health, education, justice, and the environment who are looking for new solutions to current problems through innovation and by building on what is already working. Through shared interest in our common journey toward a better, healthier, more peaceful global community, we seek to support each other, strengthen our endeavors, and expand possibilities within and throughout our local community.