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On September 21, the United Nations annually invites all nations & people to honor a cessation of hostilities and to commemorate the International Day of Peace, through education and public awareness, on issues related to peace. 

On Peace Day 2013, the Spiritual Directors of the Greater Lehigh Valley and the School Sisters of St. Francis began a tradition of joining with other communities across the globe in organizing events to commemorate the International Day of Peace. This event was a three-day Peace Pilgrimage that included two evenings of films on Forgiveness followed by discussion and communal prayer and a day of walking the prayer paths at St Francis, live streaming of world-wide Peace Day Celebrations, and culminating with a community prayer ritual on the banks of the Monocacy.  

On Peace Day 2014 and 2015 we continued the tradition with Peace Day Pilgrimages and community prayer gatherings for Peace.  We also encouraged everyone to collect foods to fill the Valley’s food banks because in the words of Gene White: “Peace begins when the hungry are fed. . .” Every yeqr since 2014 we have joined together with our locql  and global communities to work towards our goal of the entire Lehigh Valley achieving PEACE ONE DAY.  


We are calling it INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE LEHIGH VALLEY!  Will you help?

  • Spread the word! Visit the PEACE ONE DAY website and make others aware of what it is.

  • Encourage everyone you know to do something simple like lighting a candle or meditating on peace.

  • Organize a communal remembrance of the day at your church, school, home or workplace.