what is sdglv ?


One of  Spiritual Directors International (SDI) many initiatives was to encourage spiritual directors to form local peer groups for professional and personal support. In the early 1990's Rita Pursel and Pat Herbst, two pioneering spiritual directors from the Lehigh Valley area, decided to respond to this initiative and began Spiritual Directors of the Greater Lehigh Valley (SDGLV). Similar to SDI, this early small local gathering has grown and we now boast 95 members.  


In addition to offering community for our regional spiritual directors, SDGLV provides spiritually focused programs dedicated to education for spiritual directors.                


SDGLV  membership is open to spiritual directors and those professionals interested/engaged in the spiritual journey such as pastors, counselors, and chaplains. If you would like to  request membership and be added to our mailing list please contact us through our contact page. There are no other membership requirements.


SDGLV also offers programs for the general public. Collectively these programs are known as  Next Step  and their mission is to promote a deeper awareness of the spiritual dimension that runs through all areas of our lives.