• Are you experiencing a life transition?

  • Feeling restless?

  • Do you long for a deeper connection to God and others?

  • Are you dealing with a loss?

  • Wondering if this is all there is to life? 

  • Looking for a trusted person to share or understand your experiences of God ? 

  • Would you like to  learn more about prayer? Do you need to make some life decisions?

  • Do you want someone to teach you about discernment?

  • Are you searching for healing and forgiveness?

  • Do you feel called to receive and respond with more freedom to God’s extravagant love?

  • Tired of wearing a mask and longing to discover and  express your authentic self without fear?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions spiritual direction might be right for you.











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The ministry  of spiritual direction is as old as the early desert mothers and fathers and as recent as the post modern era. In its broadest sense it can be defined as anytime one’s attention is drawn to that realm of life that is commonly referred to as our spiritual dimension. In its most specific and recent expression it refers to a one to one fiduciary relationship in which a trained professional uses specific skills to listen with another to assist them in noticing and responding to the movement of the Spirit in her or his life. That being said a form of spiritual direction that takes place in a group setting is also rapidly growing in popularity.

Spiritual direction was initially reserved only for people in religious life. In the mid 1900's opportunities for lay people to both give and receive spiritual direction began to open up. These early lay directors felt a call to support each other in community. In 1989 a group of spiritual directors organized themselves into what has become an international organization known as Spiritual Directors International (SDI). This early small gathering now numbers  6000 members, from 6 continents and 45 spiritual traditions from Anabaptists to Zen Buddhists.  

To learn more about spiritual direction including everything from its history to  how it is understood by different faith traditions please visit the SDI website.


To learn more about spiritual direction opportunities available specifically in the Greater Lehigh Valley area  go to the Directory.

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"The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath a person's life, to get behind the facade  which one presents to the world, and to bring out one's inmost truth."   - Thomas Merton