Please Note: Spiritual Directors of the Greater Lehigh Valley does not endorse or recommend particular spiritual directors. We are not a certifying body. We are a volunteer non profit organization. Our mission is to promote the value of spiritual growth through support and education and to be a resource for spiritual directors and the public. We recommend you ask each person you interview to become your spiritual director questions such as:


1. What enrichment, spiritual formation, and theological education do you have in spiritual direction?

2. What is your personal experience tending your own prayer, meditation and contemplative life?

3. What is your experience as a spiritual director? How many years? In what environments? What are you most interested        in spiritually?

4. How do you continue your education and supervision for your spiritual direction ministry?

5. What ethical guidelines do you abide by, such as those published by Spiritual Directors International? Have you ever             been accused or convicted of misconduct?

6. What type of engagement agreement will we establish to clarify roles and responsibilities in our spiritual direction               relationship, such as samples provided to members of Spiritual Directors International?


         For more information on finding and choosing a spiritual director visit Spiritual Directors International (SDI)